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Expanding Optical Coating Knowledge: Utilizing Industry Experts and Best Practices to Ensure Peak Performance

Posted by Chris Murphy on May 26, 2017 10:10:00 AM

In a complex industry that is constantly evolving, staying current on the latest developments is key to understanding customer needs and continuing to be a preferred partner in supply chains. As it is in other industries, continuous education is important to succeeding in optical coating. For VisiMax, investing in the skills and knowledge of its technical team leads to greater opportunities for the organization. This applies to the newest members of the team as well as seasoned thin film coating professionals.

Even with extensive knowledge among team members, VisiMax constantly looks for ways to expand learning opportunities. Members of the technical team recently attended the Society of Vacuum Coaters conference as well as a color measurement event hosted by Konica Minolta. While we know our technical team is adept in handling a variety of projects, our organization as a whole benefits from these opportunities.

Turning Learning Opportunities in Organizational Success

Networking Opportunities

A wide variety of professionals attend conferences, trade shows and classes, expanding opportunities for possible partnerships. While it's very common for business conversations to happen on exhibition floors, these opportunities can also arise during networking events that aren't strictly business focused. Kevin Laverty, VisiMax Thin Film Engineer, had the chance to meet with Ron Willey and Angus Macleod during SVC's 2017 Techcon. Although these were not planned business meetings, they were still informative interactions with well-known professionals in the optical industry. Often, the unplanned moments from networking opportunities are the most valuable.

Learning Outside of Core Applications

Unless the event is very narrowly and specifically focused, some of what is learned at these events will be outside an individual's or organization's core competencies. Those sessions are informative and important to developing our technical expertise. To best serve various customer needs and offer custom solutions, a depth of knowledge is invaluable.

Applying New Thoughts to Everyday Work

Though our team is highly experienced in the various aspects of coating, fresh perspectives and new schools of thought can help improve or expand thought processes. During the Konica Minolta class on color, members of the VisiMax team gained a deeper understanding of light inspection techniques. Our thin film technicians were able to walk away with new tactics to improve VisiMax's light inspection methods for easier approval processes with customers. These types of learning experiences offer long term organizational benefits as well as short term benefits to employees and current customers.

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