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A Review of Photonics West 2017: The Perspectives of New and Experienced Optical Coaters

Posted by Chris Murphy on Feb 18, 2017 9:50:00 AM

Photonics West attendees can nearly always expect a great show, but exactly what makes it great changes year after year. Sometimes it's the exhibitors' displays that wow, other years the classes and presentations get the attention, and the conversations with fellow attendees are always of interest to those looking to keep up with the latest industry trends.  

photonics west 2017-visimax team.jpgAs the industry keeps changing the conversations change, and so do the opportunities that Photonics West brings. With the show being busier than ever, it's clear that the industry is growing – our own team included two new members who were experiencing the show for the first time. Their fresh perspectives paired with the observations of the more seasoned team members helped us return to the office with interesting insight from the show.

3 Key Takeaways from Photonics West 2017

SPIE continues to build on success

Photonics West is one of the best shows in the industry for a reason. SPIE keeps the show well organized and buzzing with new activity every year. The show is a great opportunity for members of the optics and photonics industry to open 2017 with momentum that they can then carry through the year. With the show growing rapidly, it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the years to come.

Innovation is driving new business

It's no secret that "the next big thing" is constantly changing. Innovation and advancing technology are no longer just around the corner, they're here. Many show attendees were exploring the best materials and how optics, optical components, and optical coatings could improve their application performance. Our team had quality conversations about innovative problems that need solutions. These types of opportunities are what make us enthusiastic about new partnerships that can develop from Photonics West.

Learning opportunities go beyond the exhibition

Experiencing the exhibition floor at Photonics West is just one part of the show. SPIE offers optics professionals plenty of opportunities to network in business settings, as well as chances to enjoy the show in more social atmospheres. This year our team enjoyed the Optics “Jam Session,” which allowed us to see masters of light waves applying their talents to sound waves. One of the best aspects of Photonics West is that the business opportunities that evolve from the social events are just as promising as those made on the exhibition floor.

If you didn't have a chance to attend this year's show but would still like an opportunity to talk to one of our experts about your optical coating needs, we'd be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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